The Perfect Playmate: Where to Find Jellycat Bashful Toys in Singapore

Jellycat toys are the best ones among toddlers as per the toddlers themselves. These have very soft fabrics, and most are handmade by local artisans. Each strand of their superb fluff must be cut and stitched to perfection to achieve a one-of-a-kind good feel that makes the caregiver pat it over and over. Whether you sit on your bed or the couch, no matter how many times you keep your Jellycat, it remains cuddly since the fur is designed to hold you cuddly. 


Moreover, if you need what is also exclusive and one of the limited-edition designs from time to time, then go select some of them. Let’s be honest Jellycat Bashful is not just the cutest as other teddy bears. Its noses and ears are curious creations with soft eyes and even softer coats. They come in a wide range of sizes, from small that can fit in your deep pockets to large that are good for spending the evening cuddling on the couch. 


Since all the toys have their character, expressions, and manners, so, they are indistinguishable from our real female friends. They will easily find it difficult to say no to her Jellycat bashful because they always want playtime and cuddle sessions any time. 

  • Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed selected the best-loved and cutest plush Jellycat bashful among the Jellycat species. What differentiates this store is giving each one of your purchases an individual touch conditionally. Its toys are decorated with a special personal touch, name, date, or a sentimental message. 


It will become a unique preserve loved. It is more than just a toy store; it is a stage for the very memories. There is a greater option for you to choose from this quality collection of Jellycat toys whether you are looking for a gift for a baby shower, a surprise birthday or to show your special someone that you care. Its most sold item is Jellycat bashful bunny. 


That good feeling of your present to be that cute bunny as well as sentimental will be forever special. The aim of the store is that each customer can enjoy the magic of cuddly toys with a personal touch. Its dedicated team makes sure that the hugs and cuddles every customer has been more special. 


Jellycat Bashful makes itself to be a perfect gift that can make someone happy or make an occasion memorable. The staff of that store is willing to devote all of themselves to bring the happiest times to these lovely animals and help customers make the choice that fits their choices in buying toys.

  • Elly Store:

Jellycat toys brought so much joy to both kids and their parents. Elly Store is the perfect place for all the people who like to buy Jellycat toys. They stock the “cute” collection of Jellycat figurines with real bunnies that adults,’ children, and the elderly are sure to love. The shop will be immediately pleasing for all types of collectors, or those searching for a perfect present: colorful stuffed companions of all sizes and styles will seem to greet you as soon as you step in it. They have Jellycat bunnies for everyone whatever popular white bunnies with their clean hair and long ears are liked by some or else there are the more patterned, colorful bunnies decorated with amusing designs.

  • Le Petit Society:

The remarkable world of Jellycat toys is yours from Le Petit Society. We know that it is a children’s store that has been loved in the Singapore core. It has warmed hearts and made even infants and parents laugh. Jellycat bunnies purchasable from this store are very cute and unusual. The animals are tough, snuggly, and floppy like a pillow. Every individual from the Jellycat Toys family undergoes a rigorous selection process not to leave any room to affect the quality and cuteness as well, from the plain white rabbits to the most colorful ones. Parents usually make a trip here and select a Jellycat bunny for their child which will be his special buddy clinging to the heart of the child as a dear friend.



The overall concept and innovative design of the brand are prevalent worldwide. These shops give you many options no matter if you like Jellycats or not, its wide options allow you to select gifts for your family, find the perfect present for your loved one, or simply a cuddly toy. 


At Lovingly Signed the main objective is to supply the best plush Jellycat bashful to kids. This means that parents are going to have trouble deciding whether they want to obtain attractive apparel or take away some soft and huggable friends from the store, as both will be preserved for years. Perhaps you’re a Jellycat fan or you want to find a special gift for a birthday, holiday, or just because. This store arranges the ambient filled cottage styled environment and the perfect Jellycat toy will be with you in no time. Here then comes Lovingly Signed and reminds Jellycat mischief which may be in your home and certainly brightens up each day.


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